10 Very Good Reasons Why You Need to Detox

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Why You Need to Detox

Detox seems to be the word of the moment. But, we’ve all tried these fad diets and health kicks before. And, we’ve all had little or no success. So, what are the benefits of detoxing your body. Can it help you shed pounds and reinvigorate you? Or, will it do more harm than good? If you have heard about detox plans like the Red Tea Detox, and you’ve wondered what it’s all about, here are ten reasons why you need to detox.

1. Expels the Toxins from Your Body

The main reason why you need to detox is that you absorb toxins from the environment every day. Car exhaust fumes, additives in our food, nasty ingredients in makeup. They all add to the toxic stress placed on the body. Pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides and preservatives, build up in the body. They eventually reach a level that your body can’t cope with. When they do, it can affect your metabolism, your mood, and it can cause disease. Following a good detox program will help your body get rid of those harmful toxins. Body cleansing is a way to return your body to its natural balanced state.

2. Enhances the Immune System

Toxins damage your immune system. When your immune system is struggling to cope with all the toxins, you are more susceptible to disease. That includes everything from colds and flu to more serious conditions. Regular detoxing boosts the immune system. It leaves it in good working order and strong enough to fight off infections.

3. Increased Energy Levels

People, who detox find that they have far more energy. They sleep less, and they have much more energy during the day. Detoxing refreshes the body. It leaves you with far more mental, emotional and physical energy.

4. Prevents Chronic Diseases

The body’s immune system is there to cope with toxins. The high levels of toxins that we are exposed to today, though, is too much for the body to cope with. This is why you need to detox. It is well-known that toxins cause cancers and other diseases. A detox gives your immune system a helping hand. It helps to remove toxins that could cause chronic diseases.

5. Improves Skin

There is no question that environmental toxins play havoc on our skin. You only need to spend one day in a big city to find that out. Detoxing removes the toxins that can cause breakouts and other skin conditions. It will leave you with a lovely rosy glow. It’s also great for your hair and nails.

6. Helps You Lose Weight

The toxins that build up in your body slow your metabolism and make you feel lethargic. When you are tired and feeling low, you don’t exercise enough. When your metabolism is slow, you aren’t burning off enough calories. The net result of that is you will start to pile on the pounds. A regular detox will bring you and your metabolism back to life. It will help you lose weight, without even trying. If ever there was a good reason why you need to detox, this is it!

7. Slows the Signs of Ageing

Detoxing helps the body rid itself of heavy metals and free radicals. Heavy metals and free radicals speed up the ageing process. Detoxing also makes the body absorb more nutrients from food. That includes the antioxidants that fight the signs ageing. And, the nutrients that keep the skin healthy.

8. Makes You Feel More Awake and Alert

A detox will make you feel alive and alert. Your mind will be clear, and you will be able to make better decisions. The build-up of toxins in the body puts a strain on everything. Nature never intended us to be taking all the toxins that we do today.

9. Restores the Body’s Natural Balance

Our bodies need a state of balance for us to stay alive. It’s a condition called homeostasis. Toxic overload changes that balance and our internal systems stop working efficiently. The reason why you need to detox is that detoxing gives your body time to heal. Time to get back in balance. It’s the best way to keep your digestive, hormonal and nervous systems working as they should.

10. Improves Quality of Life

Our bodies don’t work properly when we are overloaded with toxins. It’s as simple as that. Toxic overload causes sleep disorders, anxiety, and lack of energy. If you wake up every morning wishing that you hadn’t and you have no energy during the day. Do your joints ache and you keep getting headaches? If you keep putting on weight or can’t lose it. It could be time for you to check out the Red Tea Detox!

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