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Red Tea Detox Review –Just Another Weight Loss Detox Program?

Lose weight fast! Lose weight the easy way! Detox plan to cleanse your body! Yes, we’ve all read the attention-grabbing headlines like that before. Everyone wishes that there was an uncomplicated way to lose weight. Everyone wishes that you could detox and lose weight without fasting or exercising.

So, is the Red Tea Detox another weight loss a scam? Is there any science behind the Red Tea Detox? Or, is it simply the latest way to rip off people who want to lose weight? If you want to learn the truth about the Red Tea Detox, read on. Because, in this Red Tea Detox review, we bring you nothing but the facts. We bring you everything that you need to know about Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox Program!

Red Tea Detox Review, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red TeaWhat is the Red Tea Detox?

The Red Tea Detox Program is a self-help guide for people who want to lose weight the healthy way. The program includes a detailed detox guide and a secret red tea recipe. It also contains useful tips on burning fat and losing weight.

The author of the Red Tea Detox is Liz Swann Miller. She claims to be a weight loss and health expert. We have more to tell you about Liz Swann Miller later in our Red Tea Detox Review. In The red Tea Detox Program, Liz Swann Miller explains how she discovered her secret red tea recipe. She also explains how detoxing can be the key that opens the door to rapid weight loss. She not only gives you the Red Tea Detox recipe, she also explains why and how it works.

What Is the Red Tea Detox Recipe?

The Red Tea Detox Recipe is ancient African red tea recipe. It contains 5 special herbal ingredients. The author claims that she travelled through snake-infested jungles to get the recipe. That might be a bit of an exaggeration. But, hey, you never know! Whether it was from a tribal shaman in a dark jungle, or some guy in a dodgy area of Nairobi. She got the secret recipe from someone!

The important thing for the purposes of this Red Tea Detox review is that the tea contains all-natural herbal ingredients. It can help cleanse your body and help you lose weight. We can’t give away the details of the recipe here, or we’d get sued! What we can tell you is that Liz Swann Miller claims that the Red Tea Detox can help you shed five, ten, or even fifteen pounds in only 14 days!

The good news is that the ingredients you need to make this super-slimming tea are not hard to come by. They are available in health stores and supermarkets. And, the ingredients are not expensive. What’s important is the precise measurements of the ingredients. That’s only one of the secrets that Liz Swann Miller lets you in on in The Red Tea Detox Program.

Who Is the Author of the Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Detox Review, Red Tea Detox Author, Liz Swann Miller, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red TeaYou can’t have a Red Tea Detox review without explaining who the author is, now can you! Well, we did a bit of research on Liz Swann Miller. Here’s what we found out.

Liz Swann Miller is a naturopath and best-selling Amazon author. She claims to have helped thousands of people lose weight over the last 15 years. Her books include “The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution” and “Juice Fasting for Weight Loss”. She is also the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing”.

According to her biography, Liz Swann Miller has degrees in naturopathy and psychology. So, she is one highly-qualified lady. More importantly, she is a lady who has struggled with weight issues herself. That’s a better qualification for a weight loss expert than anything else!

The Red Tea Detox Program is Liz Swann Miller’s latest detox and weight loss plan. It’s the only one that includes the secret African slimming tea recipe. The program is the result of more than ten years painstaking research. Followed up three years real-world testing. In the Red Tea Detox Plan, Liz Swann Miller has created a complete program. By following it, she says, you will detox your body and “flush away” fat.

What do you Get When you Buy the Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Detox Review, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red Tea

The Red Tea Detox is a comprehensive weight loss plan. In fact, you get a lot for your money! The program consists of three main sections. Plus, you get some free bonuses too. The main thrust of the plan is switching from carbohydrate fat burning to high-octane burning foods. It’s all based on ten years of research and that secret slimming red tea recipe!

The reason that this Red Tea Detox review is so long, is that we all know there is no such thing as a miracle weight loss formula. The Red Tea Detox Program is not a fat burner pill or a weight loss supplement, it’s a serious weight loss program that deserves a serious review. Here’s what you’ll get when you Buy The Red Tea Detox Program:


Red Tea Detox Review, Red Tea Detox Diet Plan, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red TeaThe Red Tea Detox Diet

In the diet section, you learn why detoxing the body is so important when you are trying to lose weight. It explains how toxins can slow the metabolism. It also explains how toxins impact on your ability to lose weight. You will learn the many health benefits of red tea. Plus, you will learn which foods to eat to help you burn fat faster.


Red Tea Detox Review, Red Tea Detox Workout, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red TeaThe Red Tea Detox Workout

One of the reasons why decided to write this Red Tea Detox review is that there is no pretence with this plan. Some of the claims made about weight loss are at the high end of the scale. But, the Red Tea Detox doesn’t make ridiculous claims about effort-free weight loss. The workout, for example, is optional. But it will increase your metabolism and help you weight lose weight faster.


Red Tea Detox Review, Red Tea Detox Motivation Booklet, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red TeaRed Tea Detox Mindset

As we all know, willpower is more than half the battle when you are on a weight loss plan. Even the Red Tea Detox slimming tea recipe is not going to make you lose weight overnight. Whether you want to lose belly fat, or you want to get your bikini body back, you are going to have to follow this slimming detox plan with the right mindset. That’s where The Red Tea Detox Motivation Booklet comes into play.


The Free Bonuses

Of course, we all love a free bonus! You get plenty of those with the Red Tea Detox too! When you Buy The Red Tea Detox, You get 100 delicious green smoothie recipes and 5 celebrity detox methods. Plus, a super-food guide and an audio book about effortless weight loss hypnosis.

Pros and Cons of The Red Tea Detox

Ok., so up to now in our Red Tea Detox review, we have been positive about the Red Tea Detox. It’s a comprehensive weight loss plan that includes all the right elements. It’s doesn’t promise weight loss miracles, which we like. It appears to be based on well-founded weight loss principles. To level things up, though, let’s take a balanced look at the pros and cons of The Red Tea Detox.

The Pros of The Red Tea Detox

No Red Tea Detox Review would be complete without the pros and cons. So here we have bullet pointed what think is great about The Red Detox Program, and what is not so good. There are plenty of wild claims made about some belly fat weight loss drinks and Chinese skinny teas. So, here’s a straight-talking summary of what we thought was good and bad about The Red Tea Detox slimming plan. So, let’s start with the good:

It’s Credible

Some people dispute the science behind the benefits of detoxing. But, there is no doubt that we do ingest a lot of toxins. There is also no question that toxins are harmful. What Liz Swann Miller has to say about detoxing in the Red Tea Detox makes perfect sense. Detoxing will improve your health and help you lose weight. It’s simple logic.

It’s A Complete Weight Loss Plan

We like the fact the Red Tea Detox is more than a detox plan. It includes sensible advice on eating, and a good workout guide too. When you get past all the hype of some weight loss plans, you have very little real substance. This is not the case with the Red Tea Detox. If anything, you get much more than you expected.

It Works

The Red Tea Detox is based on sound weight loss principals. Eating healthy food, taking exercise, and drinking healthy drinks. It will add up to dramatic weight loss. Plus, detoxing has been proven to have weight loss and health benefits. Even if you only switched your sugary drinks for the Red Tea recipe, you would lose weight with this diet plan.

Everything is Well-explained

Everything in The Red Tea Detox is well-presented and easy to understand. The fact the presentation quality is high, gives you more confidence about the content. Every step of the slimming tea detox plan is described clearly. As is the reasoning and science behind the theory of the plan. In other words, you get the feeling that this is a detox diet that has been well-researched and well thought out.

It Gets to the Root of the Problem

Human beings are designed to eat natural foods and be physically active. Our bodies are not designed to cope with heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. We are not meant to sit watching TV all day. Yet, many of us eat processed foods, drink sugary sodas, and we live in pollution filled cities. Many of us do not get enough exercise. Common sense alone will tell you that a natural drink, a healthy diet, and exercise, is going to have beneficial effects. And, that’s what The Red Tea Detox teaches you to do.

The Cons of The Red Tea Detox

No fat reducing drink or detox weight loss programme ever going to be perfect. So, let’s not pretend that The Red Tea Detox Program is going to be right for everyone. Here are the things about this detox diet that you might not be so keen on.

It Doesn’t Include any Red Tea!

The Red Tea Detox Plan does not include any of the ingredients that you need to make the slimming tea! It does include the secret recipe, though, and detailed instructions on how to make it. The Red Tea Detox Program is a Downloadable diet plan that you can only buy online. The ingredients for the red tea are all available for you to buy in health stores and most supermarkets.

You Will Need to Be Disciplined

If you are looking for miracle weight-loss solution, The Red Tea Detox is not for you. This is a serious, well-structured weight loss plan. You will need some self-discipline to follow it. One cup of Liz Swann Miller’s African slimming tea is not going to melt away the pounds overnight. You need to heed the advice and follow the program all the way through. If you want to lose weight, though, this could be the slimming detox program that you have been looking for.

There’s a Lot to Read

The Red Tea Detox Program is a comprehensive detox and diet plan. It’s all very well-explained, and it’s explained in detail. The plan does repeat itself in some respects. But, you learn something valuable from every page. If you are expecting to learn the secrets to fast weight loss in thirty seconds, you will be disappointed! Read it all, though, and you’ll be surprised at how much you learn.

It’s Not Worth $897!

You may have seen advertisement of the Red Tea Detox Program claiming that the program is worth $897. Fortunately, the last time we checked, you can buy The Red Tea Detox Program online for only $37. Seriously, Liz, no detox diet plan is worth $897. But, we’ll forgive you that one exaggerated claim!

Red Tea Detox Review, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red Tea

Red Tea Detox Review – Is The Red Tea Detox a Scam?

In our opinion, The Red Tea Detox program is not a scam. There are lots of weight loss scams to be wary of, but The Red Tea Detox is not one of them. Scams are miracle diets that are bad for your health. Scams are diet pills that contain little more than caffeine. Scams are weight loss plans that cost a fortune but are only a few pages long. The Red tea detox is a comprehensive and healthy weight loss program that you can download for only $37. You even get a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you don’t like what you get, you get all your money refunded. Scammers don’t offer money back guarantees like that!

Should You Buy the Red Tea Detox?

We are giving The Red Tea Detox the thumbs up in our Red Tea Detox Review. Believe us, we haven’t written this Red Tea Detox review without doing our homework. You must be aware, though, that following a detox diet like this is going to be a challenge. Especially if you have been overindulging in unhealthy foods up until now. Losing weight with The Red Tea Detox Program is simple, but it’s not easy. Changing your diet and lifestyle is never easy to do. What The Red Tea Detox Program does is it gives you the tools to succeed. The rest will be up to you.

As with any diet or weight loss supplement, if you are suffering with a medical condition or taking medication, you should talk to your doctor before following this plan. In some cases, your doctor may suggest that you follow another type of diet.

If you are determined to lose weight and improve your health, The Red Tea Detox Program is for you. At only $37 and with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Where Can you Buy The Red Tea Detox?

The Red tea detox is not available in stores. You can only get the full plan and the African red tea recipe from the official Red Tea Detox website. Buy The Red Tea Detox Plan from the official website. You will then get the recipe, the diet, the exercise plan, and the mindset guide. You also get the free bonuses too. Click Here To Learn More.

Red Tea Detox Review, Detox Program, Detox Diet, Detox Plan, Weight Loss, Red Tea

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